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Booking Request


1.         On behalf of the Church /Group:  _________________________________________________

            Address:                                                ____________________________________________


                                                                          _________________________ Code __________


I wish to confirm our phone/verbal/written request for use of the Retreat Centre and ask that a definite booking be made in accordance with the details listed in section 2.


I have read and understand the information contained in section 3 and appreciate that our booking is accepted on the basis of the notes set out in that section and also subject to the compliance with the house rules.


Enclosed please find a non-returnable deposit of   R3000


Name in Print: ______________________________




Designation: _____________Phone (_____)___________/Fax: (___)___________


E-Mail:_______________ Date: ________/_______/___________




From date: ____________________________to date: ______________________


Total no of participants: _______________________________________________

Day of arrival  : ____________     Day of departure: _________________________

First meal required________________________________


 (Usually supper)

                               18h30    pm        Supper 

                                 8h00    am        Breakfast                                                    

                               13h00    pm        Lunch                                       this times can be negotiated


   Tea is available at all times in the common lounge

   All groups are requested to depart by 14h30 on the day of departure.

   Name of person responsible during stay: _____________________________________

   Person who will deputize: ___________________________________________________

   Name of person responsible for paying account: __________________________________

N.B. The above person must be present at the Centre for the full duration of the stay.



a.            The deposit is calculated at approximately 10% of the estimated total account subject to minimum deposit of  R3000, 00. The deposit is non refundable. For minimal number of people please contact the Brother in charge.


b.           Accommodation will be reserved for the numbers set out by you in section 2 and your account will be calculated on the basis of these figures.


Any reduction in the number for accommodation must be advised in writing (e-mail/fax) to the Centre at least one week in advance of the booked date if it is to be reflected on your account.


We will endeavor to accommodate additional participants should the need arise, but no guarantee can be given in this regard.  We would appreciate as much advance notice as possible in such circumstances.


Our cost for 2014 is R 340, 00 per night per adult sharing. 


c.           Meals will be prepared for the numbers set out in section 2.


d.          If visitors/guest speakers will be attending and will require accommodation and/or meals, kindly give us as much advance notice as possible and we will try to accommodate them. They will be charged the normal rates.


e.            Any breakages or damages caused will be added to accounts. Strictly no smoking will be allowed in the bedrooms, eating areas, lounge or hall.


f.           Settlement of accounts must be affected at the beginning of the course, unless otherwise arranged before hand.


g.           All telephone calls to be done directly through the public telephone located outside the dining room.


h.          The Centre cannot accept responsibility for personal injury or damage or loss of property sustained while on the premises.


i.           Our policy and house rules are very simple, treat the Centre as well as you would treat your own home.

Keep in mind that this is a Retreat Centre and not a hotel so we try our best to keep our prices at a minimal cost at a high quality of service.            






Phone: 016-987 2878

Cell: 082 855 8775

Fax: 086 511 7352


Skype: Ashley Tillek

WhatsApp: 082 855 8775

BBM: 7C58C968

Statue of Our Lady ouside the Chapel

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