Come to a quiet place and rest a while


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Welcome to the home page of La Verna Franciscan Retreat Centre. La Verna is named after the place that was donated to the friars by the count of mount La Verna in Italy. This was the only place ever owned by the friars in the time of St Francis. And as such we love the work at La Verna because it is also a place of that has been donated to us for our work of peace, inner peace and tranquility. A place where we can find the Lord just not at work within us but also at work in our daily visitors.

Come to a quiet place and rest awhile with the Master himself if you see the need to find that inner peace. Life out there becomes too busy, too pressurized and above all we loose the love we had for it because we have been too busy busying ourselves with things that is more of importance too others other than ourselves.

Come and find the Lord and that peace that he has too offer us.


Bro. Ashley Tillek, OFM

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